Sales Strategies

There are many different sales methods that can be used to complete a sale and form relationships. Determining which sales method is more effective depends on what you are selling, who you are selling to and when you are selling it.

Sales Strategy Development

A successful sales strategy considers the buying behaviour of your prospects and how they make decisions. You need to identify:

  1. How your product or service fits within the decision-making process
  2. What the triggers to sale are
  3. How you can approach potential customers in a credible and efficient manner

Research is often the first step to identifying your customer’s sales triggers. When your sales strategy leverages your marketing strategy you can expect to amplify your results.

Fit 4 Market will often use a combination of techniques to develop a sales strategy that is right for you and your team.

Sales Techniques

Too much of customer prospecting is left to chance or fate.

When prospecting, you need to approach the market in a structured and formulated way so  you can identify what works and what does not work. Identifying the key growth areas then becomes a more simple process which can take your business to a new level of sales growth.

There are a number of different sales methodologies that can be used to complement a sale and assist in forming relationships. To determine which sales method is most effective, you must first identify what you are selling, who you are selling to and when you are selling it.

CRM Design and Implementation

Good sales organisations rely on the information provided from a solid Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. Much more than the systems of old, today’s CRM can:

  • Identify where your leads are coming from
  • Pinpoint which sources of leads are converting to sales
  • Highlight which of those sales are truly profitable.

On top of that, CRMs can also give you:

  • Data on how long your prospects spend in the decision-making funnel
  • An indication of how often you have to discount or push the timing on a sale
  • An understanding of what further resources you need to sustain sales growth.

At Fit 4 Market, they help clients choose the correct CRM for their size, customer base and service or product. F4M also has the in-house expertise to implement and provide staff training so you can utilise your CRM to its full potential.

Sales Training and Skills Development

Too often sales training is based solely on the systemisation of lead development and not enough on how to convince a prospective customer to buy.

1. What are the steps in the buying process?
2. How do you gently but firmly push a prospect through these steps?

At Fit 4 Market they specialise in training people who do not see themselves as sales people, to make sales. Examples include scientists, engineers, healthcare workers and anyone who has not worked in a used car dealership.

Fab Technique

The FAB technique is one of the simplest yet most effective sales methodologies, as it can be used in almost any sales environment including; Retail, B2B and B2C sales.

FAB represents:

  • Feature – a distinctive attribute or aspect
  • Advantage – putting something in a favourable position
  • Benefit – how the feature will help the customer/consumer

Using the FAB technique provides clearer communication and understanding as well as aids the memory of the prospective buyer through helping them to understand how the benefit is achieved.

Sales and Marketing Working Together

Two sides of the same coin, the greatest marketing in the world will not help you if you cannot close a deal. Conversely, a great sales team will be seriously held back by a marketing system that lets them down. Achieving the right combination to maximise your sales performance is always the goal. Some marketers simply do not understand the end game of making sales. With Fit 4 Market this is the only game that counts.

How to grow your business

Marketing Strategy

A cohesive marketing strategy that takes into consideration the resources available within your company matters when growing your business.

Digital Marketing

When your digital marketing strategy is developed as part of your overarching marketing strategy, you will achieve maximum impact without wasting time and money.

Brand Positioning

A positive perception of your brand could mean the difference between customers referring you to their friends and disparaging reviews.

3 ways to nurture a lead

Act fast, automate and provide targeted content to drive your customers along their decision making process.