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Fit 4 Market Capabilities

Marketing Strategy

Straight forward strategies to grow

Growth strategies

Online and offline

Identify new audiences, amplify your competitive advantage, move forward with confidence.

Lead Generation

Inbound marketing, social media and advertising

Inbound marketing

Attract customers

Create relevant and engaging content to attract leads and convert them to customers.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Increase sales by converting more leads

B2B Sales

CRM design and implementation

Convert more leads with an effective sales strategy complete with CRM automation and reporting.

Market 4 Success Webinar

Join us for a half-day webinar to explore marketing strategy techniques and how you can use tried-and-tested principles in today’s world. This will empower you to take charge of your business and gain the greatest growth possible.

Fit 4 Market Industry Capabilities

Marketing to the mining industry


Decisions for high-value purchases in the mining industry can take months, if not years. F4M has successfully assisted clients to automate their lead nurturing, to craft compelling thought leadership content, and in building long-term relationships with their potential customers.

Marketing for manufacturers


Manufacturers need to understand the specific needs of their buyers, build trust, showcase expertise and clearly communicate their product's features and benefits. Brand building and strengthening customer loyalty play a significant role in long-term success.


With experience in marketing high-value services, from IT to healthcare, F4M emphasises the need for concrete messaging to market the intangibility of services effectively.


Unlike B2B marketing with lengthy cycles, retail targets impulsive purchases or immediate decisions. Highlighting product benefits, creating urgency, and simplifying checkout are crucial.

Clients & Partners

Fit 4 Market build realistic partnerships to provide long-term solutions that deliver great value.

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Production Machinery and Heavy Equipment

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Mastering Inbound Marketing: Building Customer Relationships

Inbound marketing is a customer-centric strategy which focuses on attracting customers through valuable content and interactions.

Working with Fit 4 Market brings you…

Highly experienced team

At Fit 4 Market, their marketing consultants have worked across a broad range of industries both locally and internationally. This wide ranging experience is complemented by a hands-on, real-world approach to developing strategies which offer you the greatest opportunity for success.

Online and offline marketing

At Fit 4 Market they are experts at effectively integrating and managing traditional and digital marketing channels. This will result in communicating a clearer message to your customers, reaching more of your target audience and reducing the overall cost of your advertising.

A plan for growth

The best marketing strategy does not start with creative or tactical outcomes. It starts with problem solving and market research. By focusing on solving your growth challenges and maximising the return from your company’s marketing investment, F4M will help you achieve consistent growth.

Tracked and measurable results

Maintaining efficient systems to measure your marketing activities is vital to success and also makes it easier for you to keep track of your customers and leads. F4M use data to inform our decision-making and review your marketing with you regularly to make changes as your business grows.


Explore F4M’s curated resources on these marketing topics.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media can be great for generating brand awareness and can also be used as an effective tool for lead generation.

But which platforms should you be on? And how do you ensure you're using it effectively?

FAB Technique

FAB Technique

FAB = Feature, Advantage and Benefit.

FAB is perhaps the simplest and most effective sales methodology and can be used in almost any sales environment - retail, B2B and B2C sales.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Your brand is more than your logo and imagery. Don't leave your branding to chance.

A brand that stands out from the crowd is one which is associated with the product's competitive advantage.

LNI produces nameplates, labels and badges for a wide range of industrial uses including cars, trucks, trailers, marine, medical and more. As our industry changed dramatically, we needed to seek new clients.

Fit 4 Market created a marketing strategy to suit our business and then showed a down to earth approach with the ongoing implementation needed to make the strategy a success. Inbound Marketing was new to us but F4M has demonstrated techniques that now mean it is the backbone of our new business development efforts.”

Michael Smith
National Sales Manager, LNI

Let's Work Together!

When you work with Fit 4 Market, they take into consideration your size, the resources available to you and where you want to take your business when implementing your marketing. This way your growth is manageable, cost-effective and sustainable.