Marketing Plan

Sometimes a couple of hours of business planning and strategic marketing advice, tailored to the needs of your business every other week, is the best method for creating a sustained increase in business over a long period of time.

Marketing Mentoring

Having a marketing mentor that understands how marketing works for your industry can help you to grow the success of your business, At Fit 4 Market, we understand all aspects of marketing, including brand positioning, communication and advertising management, market research and analysis and strategy development and can help to advise you on how to improve these aspects of your business.

Marketing mentoring is one of the most effective ways of improving your marketing activities and thereby increasing your sales. Contact us for further information.

Communications and Customer Relationship Management

Effective communication and customer relationship management is important to not only correctly identify a target audience, but also to reach this audience efficiently through different information channels. This can be through traditional methods, such as print advertising, or through the inbound marketing method, attracting customers to your website through blog posts and effectively targeting key words for online advertising. These marketing communications should all be integrated so that the message of the advertising is clear to customers.

Successfully managing these marketing communications can:

  • Excel your Return on Investment  (ROI)
  • Reach of your target audience
  • Reduce costs for advertising
  • Drastically improve your customer relationships

Fit 4 Market has great experience in these areas, and will be able to help you effectively plan and manage all forms of communication and advertising for your business. Let Fit 4 Market help you to manage all forms of advertising and communications management.

What We can do to help

  • Content creation
  • Inbound campaign creation
  • Blog posts
  • Emails campaign (outgoing)
  • CRM
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Post-sale workflows

Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is about Attracting, Engaging, Satisfying your targeted or existing customers needs whether they are questions they have or information they didn’t know they needed.

This can be done in a range of ways, through:

  • Written Blogs
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Pictures
  • Webpages

Inbound marketing helps you work smarter with your money than traditional outbound marketing. Whether your company is big or small, inbound is 10x more effective for increasing:

  • Website Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Customer Loyalty

How to attract more leads

Inbound Marketing

With the right mix of inbound marketing, you will be able to promote your business in a way that has customers coming to you.

Website & SEO

Do you know if your websites needs a refresh? How will SEO benefit your business? Are you tracking and measuring clicks or actual sales? 

Industry Events

Trade shows and exhibitions are a necessity for many businesses but with so many potential buyers, how do you quickly identify your best prospects?

How to brief a marketing agency?

Determine if a marketing company is a good fit for your business. Key questions to ask in the briefing process and questions they may ask you.