We approached Fit 4 Market for assistance when the economy took a downturn and our partner referrals were decreasing.  We were faced with having to find our own work in an industry that was already struggling.
The Team at Fit 4 Market provided invaluable advice and marketing support to our business.
In our first meeting with Adam and his team, we described our broad experience and how “we do everything”.  Fit 4 Market gave us a clear focus, direction and created milestones for us to work towards.  
We now have a documented plan on who we are, the services we provide and how we can offer real value to our clients. 
We followed all of the advice and recommendations put forward by Fit 4 Market, resulting in a tripling of our turnover in a year.  We will continue to engage Adam and his team for ongoing coaching and advice to ensure our growth and success is continued.
Michael Cole, Partner, Cole Management Accounting

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SMBiT Professionals is a national industry association linking IT professionals servicing small to medium sized businesses.  This is a huge market with a very broad range of technologies and providers.  In a group such as SMBiT Professionals there is no shortage of opinions and a multitude of potential directions.  Fit 4 Market has enabled us to better understand our target audience including our members, vendors and our member’s clients. This has helped us to set a clear direction which all members can support.  Fit 4 Market are also invaluable in helping us implement the strategies decided upon, ensuring we have not only a marketing plan but also actions arising from the plan. Fit 4 Market are a pleasure to work with, have great resources including impressive human talent and SMBiT Professionals considers Fit 4 Market an asset not just an ally.
Dean Calvert, Chairman, SMBiT Professionals

Start with a Coffee?

"It’s wonderful to find a marketing organisation that sees the big picture then puts each piece of that picture together in a way that seems so much better than you had imagined.  Fit 4 Market listened to what we thought we wanted, helped us develop our vision and then delivered a coherent set of words and images we are proud of.  Their experience across many different industries and sectors enabled them to identify with our members’ needs and aspirations and to translate them into a functional website that has drawn compliments from regular visitors and new contacts alike.  We continue to rely on Fit 4 Market for direction and advice."
Chris Byrne, Executive Officer, Riverland Wine

"We export 95% of our product to markets throughout the Asian region and the world.   Fit 4 Market has worked with the Senior Management Team during a significant transition period for our business and has the ability and skill to develop strong relationships with people throughout the organisation.  Understanding production is just as important as understanding the market in our business and Fit 4 Market’s experience was drawn on to provide a detailed strategy and marketing plan that is highly practical for the business going forward."
Rob Lawson, General Manager, Balco Group

"Our service is highly specialised and focussed on an international pharmaceutical market.  The national and international experience provided by Fit 4 Market has been valuable in enabling us to understand how to produce an ongoing marketing system within this specialised environment."
Jason Valentine, Chief Executive Officer, CPR Pharma

"Strategic advice on how to boost our marketing and sales efforts.  This is what we asked for and this is what Fit 4 Market has delivered."
Peter Knights, Client Manager, CSSP

"We sell complex software systems to a variety of distribution, manufacturing and service organisations.  We sought Fit 4 Market’s help and they demonstrated to us that marketing is more than just finding the next sale.  They helped us research and understand our market at a deeper level which has then enabled us to put together strategies to take the business to the next step.  We valued their advice in the past and will continue to value it in the future."
Miles Nicholl, Director, Epitome Software

"Fit 4 Market not only helped us improve our awareness in the market and make our advertising more effective but also encouraged us to become a real icon in the area. This means that opportunities now come to us and not our competitors."
Tim Clark, Mount Barker Landscape Centre

"In my roles across Venture Capital Board, Venture Capital SA and Innovate SA, I was charged with stimulating venture capital funding in SA including educating companies on how to gain funding from investors.  For over eight years Adam worked with me as a preferred workshop facilitator and mentor for several hundred companies seeking growth through investment.  Adam’s workshops on Developing an Information Memorandum and Marketing to Investors were run as part of a series of workshops offered to prospect companies.  Participants in these workshops were mostly highly educated professionals who were prone to not only ask questions but often challenge a presenter at any stage.  Adam’s extremely professional delivery of workshops always rated highly amongst participants and his ability to field complex and sometimes controversial questions on his feet is always impressive. 
With half and full day workshops Adam’s content was always strong and his style engaging. These skills keep participants actively interested through the day and provides them practical knowledge which they can use immediately in their capital raising endeavours.  Adam’s extensive business knowledge, especially in the marketing sector was also highly valued in post workshop mentoring sessions."
Mike Richards

"Adam is a highly valued presenter in the difficult topic of Medical Practice Business Planning. Over the last two years his workshops have been acknowledged by participants as some of the best, sharing his knowledge and skills in facilitation and business planning using the online planning tool MedPlan (www.medplan.com.au).  Workshops are from two hours up to full days and have been successfully run with a large variety of medical professionals across the country.  Adam’s content is strong and his ability to keep an audience motivated and interested (sometimes late into the evening) is testament to his skills as a presenter. I look forward to Adam continuing to provide great value to The Private Practice initiatives."
Steven Macarounas
Director, The Fintuition Institute - producer of The Private Practice magazine and education program. The Fintuition Institute presents Business, Financial and Lifestyle education for medical professionals via The Private Practice initiatives. The Private Practice is a practice, financial and lifestyle management education and resource centre for healthcare professionals.

"In my role of ICT Industry Development Manager within the South Australian Government, I was charged with stimulating the ICT sector including educating key people in both current and new ICT businesses.  Adam worked with me as a preferred workshop facilitator and mentor for six years then for a further three years at Innovate SA as part of the Growing Global Companies programme that delivered entrepreneurial skills courses to over 300 targeted innovative firms.
Adam’s workshop materials are excellent and his extremely professional delivery of the workshops always rated highly amongst participants. I am always impressed with his ability to take complex issues and simplify them for the audience, encourage audience participation and keep the participants engaged throughout an entire day’s workshop. Each workshop delivers highly practical outcomes for participants which they have continued to use sometimes years after the workshop.  Adam’s extensive business knowledge, especially in the marketing sector was also highly valued in post workshop mentoring sessions."
Susan Andrews

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