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Email on top

Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping a business acquire new customers. (McKinsey, July 2015)

With all the all the focus of recent years being on … more

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What went wrong with Masters?

Tags: Masters

So how can an enormous company, invest $3 billion into a venture and fail so spectacularly? Well, here is an arms length view from a marketing perspective which will give you a hint as to what … more

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Coffee from cat poop

Tags: Cat Poop

Claimed to be the most expensive coffee in the world, I found myself sipping cat poop from a cup. How can this be? Anybody else asks me to consume pooh and I assume I am being insulted. Yet I … more

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Why are Marketing Decisions so hard?

If we went back eight or nine years we used to develop great marketing plans for people and then talk to them some time later to see how things were going. This invariably lead to the comments " … more

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Predicting the future

Cast your mind back across the turbulent events of recent history.  Did you foresee leadership changes, could you predict the outcome of elections?  How about more complex issues like … more

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Planning in the New Year

Tags: planning, measures

So you have had a bit of a break, you have been refreshed and you are raring to go and make this year a big year. Then suddenly you realise a month has already gone, and now another two weeks and … more

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SMEs should strive to be big brands

Most Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are still lagging behind in branding strategies due to a lack of resources and focus and also a lack of understanding into the importance of 'brand'.  … more

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