The term 'marketing' elicits many different responses depending on who you are talking with.  All real marketing solutions begin with a well researched and reasoned marketing strategy. Our team of marketing consultants provide specialist marketing solutions tailored to your business needs. We have extensive experience across a range of industries and continue to achieve outstanding results. Our Adelaide based marketing firm also have clients located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Marketing nowadays is becoming increasingly important to keep up the ever-changing business environment. Using the right messages to communicate with your target audience, as well as, the right marketing strategies to acquire new customers is pivotal for business growth. At Fit 4 market, we focus on bringing all the aspects of marketing together so that your business stands out from the crowd. From business development to branding to direct communication strategies and more. We work with you to deliver optimal results and provide you with clear, practical and intuitive advice to move your business forward.

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Market Analysis

A market analysis is an important tool to help understand the different aspects of the market that your business is operating in. This analysis is both quantitative and qualitative and can help uncover:

  • The volume and value of a market
  • Different customer segments
  • Buying patterns of customers
  • Competition
  • Environmental influences such as barriers to entry and regulations

All of these different aspects will help your business to more efficiently market your products to your customers, by understanding how and when consumers buy products as well as how they find these products. This analysis will also help determine your businesses place in the market by looking at your competitors and how you compare to them.

Fit 4 Market can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market in which your business operates. This initial analysis will examine current market trends, key competitors and the market position that your product or service occupies. It also examines market dynamics that can impact on your product's or service's success. This market analysis highlights what marketing is working for you and what isn't and assists in planning your future marketing strategy.

Talk to the marketing experts at Fit 4 Market to find out more. Fit 4 Market can provide lead generation strategiesmarketing plans and market planning, integrated marketing programs and are experienced web marketing experts particularly using inbound marketing.

Market Research Design and Implementation

Market research helps you to better understand not only your existing customers but potential customers too in order to create better strategies. Obtaining statistics about the market you operate in and your customers, can guide you to make informed decisions about the target audience and marketing direction you want your business to take. Successful businesses conduct market research often in order to identify not only new potential customers but potential problem areas within their business.

The design of market research is a very important aspect, as money and time can be wasted on inefficient research practices. The research objectives are crucial to get right as poor objectives will lead to market research that is misdirected. The methods used to gain the data are also important to limit the amount of bias in the results. Any bias or misdirected research can lead to poor decisions made in regards to the future of your business, and therefore it is vital to make sure that the research is conducted professionally.

Fit 4 Market understands the importance of knowing the right market, the competitors and the customers to better position your product. Whether it is in-depth qualitative consumer research or quantitative consumer studies, the marketing consultants at Fit 4 Market will advise and guide your market research to achieve the maximum knowledge required to better market your products.

Strategic Marketing

Fit 4 Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy in Adelaide. Our team of marketing consultants also specialise in marketing planning and inbound marketing for all types of business of any size. As a strategic marketing consultancy, we help businesses develop a unique value proposition to help them differentiate from their competitors. This is particularly important for acquiring new customers and having your current customers come back for more. It will often include:

  • What product or service is your company selling?
  • What the end benefit of using it?
  • Who is your target customer for this product or service?
  • What makes your offering unique and different?

Other important questions to consider when developing a marketing strategy are:

  • What is the long term future for your business?
  • Where should you be heading and how are you going to get there?

To assist in the strategic marketing process, our marketing consultants develop a SWOT analysis which forms a key component in the marketing plan and helps determine the current status of any business. This is also a great way to consider how you compare to the competitors in your market. Another effective tool often used in many sales enviroment; retail, B2B and B2C sales is the FAB technique. FAB stands for Features, Advantages, Benefits and assists providing clarity and understanding in your marketing communications, especially for more technical sales or for a complex product or service.

Marketing Planning and Development

An initial marketing analysis of your business guides you through a series of in-depth questions regarding your business, products and markets. It reviews your current marketing mix compared with your competitors and then suggest strategic alternatives. Marketing consultants at Fit 4 Market will provide marketing planning that identifies issues of concern, highlights opportunities, provides marketing opportunities and advises an immediate action plan.

If required, Fit 4 Market will manage the entire process of new product design or redevelopment of an existing product. Working closely with the client, Fit 4 Market ensures that the product has the greatest opportunity for success in the market and is manageable by your organisation.

Marketing Systems Development

Developing and maintaining efficient systems and tools to keep track of important marketing activities can be vital in the success of your marketing plan and also make easier work of keeping track of customers and leads. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a great way of managing and analysing the interactions your existing and potential customers have with your business at all stages throughout the buying process. This software aims to keep customer retention high through supplying excellent customer service. Maintaining relationships with customers is crucial to retaining their business.

Using lead management software is another key way to track potential customers. Leads generated through marketing activities can be tracked and guided through the sales funnel. This data can then be passed onto your sales people or sales agents who can contact the customer and potentially make the sale. Lead management software streamlines and documents this process and keeps all the data in an easy to access program.

Once these systems are in place, it is essential to monitor the progress of market initiatives and sales to allow review and change implementation as your business grows. The consultants at Fit 4 Market are experts in these systems and can help you to develop them and maintain any system that suits your business.

Brand Positioning and Development

The aim of brand positioning is to create a positive perception of your brand in the eyes of customers. Brand positioning will occur regardless of whether or not a conscious effort is made by a company to create this perception, and therefore, if left without management, a brands position in the market could turn negative. All brands, no matter what size or if they operate in B2B or B2C markets, have a position in the market. This means that it is very important to develop and maintain a strong and positive perception of your brand within customers.

Fit 4 Market is able to effectively manage your brands, which are a major asset of your company. A wealth of brand management experience enables Fit 4 Market to take your company to a profitable future through sustained, professional development. An analysis of the product categories, market competitors, market positioning as well as determining a products unique selling point will assist in determining the brand position of your product in the market.

Contact Fit 4 Market for more information on how Brand Positioning and Development can play a crucial role in the growth and perceptions of your company today. Fit 4 Market can provide advanced lead generation strategies, integrated brand solutions and are an experienced inbound marketingcompany.

Communication and Advertising Management

Effective communication and advertising management is important to not only correctly identify a target audience, but also to reach this audience efficiently through different information channels. This can be through traditional methods, such as print advertising, or through the inbound marketing method, attracting customers to your website through blog posts and effectively targeting key words for online advertising. These marketing communications should all be integrated so that the message of the advertising is clear to customers. There are many benefits of successfully managing these marketing communications, including, but not limited to:

Fit 4 Market will recommend the most effective communication and advertising requirements to market your product or service successfully to your target audience. Based upon your particular requirements, advertising and communication may include new logo development and launch, product brochures, advertising materials, direct marketing campaigns, point of sale or online marketing. Fit 4 Market has great experience in these areas, and will be able to help you effectively plan and manage all forms of communication and advertising for your business. Let Fit 4 Market help you to manage all forms of advertising and communications management.

Talk to the marketing consultants at Fit 4 Market to find out more. Fit 4 Market can provide advanced lead generation strategies, integrated marketing communication programs and are an experienced inbound marketing consultants.

Marketing Mentoring

Having a mentor that understands how marketing works and what you can do to help grow the success of your business, can be a great help to you and your business. At Fit 4 Market, we understand all aspects of marketing, including brand positioningcommunication and advertising managementmarket research and analysis and strategy development and can help to advise you on how to improve these aspects of your business.

Sometimes a couple of hours of business planning and strategic marketing advice, tailored to the needs of your business every other week, is the best method for creating a sustained increase in business over a long period of time. Marketing mentoring is one of the most effective ways of improving your marketing activities and thereby increasing your sales. Contact us for further information.

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Talk to the marketing consultants at Fit 4 Market to find out more. Fit 4 Market can provide advanced lead generation strategies, integrated marketing solutions and are an experienced inbound marketing consultancy.

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