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The term 'marketing' elicits many different responses depending on who you are talking with.  All real marketing solutions begin with a well researched and reasoned marketing strategy. Our team of marketing consultants provide specialist marketing solutions tailored to your business needs. We have extensive experience across a range of industries and continue to achieve outstanding results. Our Adelaide based marketing firm also have clients located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Marketing nowadays is becoming increasingly important to keep up the ever-changing business environment. Using the right messages to communicate with your target audience, as well as, the right marketing strategies to acquire new customers is pivotal for business growth. At Fit 4 market, we focus on bringing all the aspects of marketing together so that your business stands out from the crowd. From business development to branding to direct communication strategies and more. We work with you to deliver optimal results and provide you with clear, practical and intuitive advice to move your business forward.

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Marketing Plan

Almost every business has a well thought out business plan, yet having a marketing plan is just as important. A marketing plan provides any B2B or B2C business with a short-term and long-term direction and a strong focus on acquiring and retaining customers. It also provides a clear means to proceed in the business and confidence that your marketing efforts are providing results. 

Market Analysis

Fit 4 Market conducts a comprehensive analysis of the market in which your business operates.  This initial analysis will examine current market trends, key competitors and the market position that your product or service occupies.  It also examines market dynamics that can impact on your product's or service's success.

Market Research Design and Implementation

Market research provides an excellent guide for your business. The design of the market research and the conclusions drawn are often as important as the research itself. Fit 4 Market understands the importance of knowing the market, the competitors and the customers to better position your product.

Strategic Marketing

As a strategic marketing consultancy, we help businesses develop a unique value proposition to help them differentiate from their competitors. This is particularly important for acquiring new customers and having your current customers come back for more.

Marketing Planning and Development

An initial marketing analysis of your business guides you through a series of in-depth questions regarding your business, products and markets. It reviews your current marketing mix compared with your competitors and then suggest strategic alternatives.

Marketing Systems Development

All businesses require systems. Marketing Systems for your business can be developed by Fit 4 Market. Internal marketing structure is essential to monitor progress of market initiatives (market share and sales) and allow review, change and implementation as your business grows.

Brand Positioning and Development

Fit 4 Market manages the major assets of your company, your brands. A wealth of brand management experience enables Fit 4 Market to take your company to a profitable future through sustained, professional development of your brands.

Communication and Advertising Management

Fit 4 Market will recommend the most effective communication and advertising requirements to market your product or service successfully to your target audience.

Marketing Mentoring

Sometimes a couple of hours of business planning and strategic marketing advice, tailored to the needs of your business every other week, is the best method for creating a sustained increase in business over a long period of time.

Talk to the marketing consultants at Fit 4 Market to find out more. Fit 4 Market can provide advanced lead generation strategies, integrated marketing solutions and are an experienced inbound marketing consultancy. What is inbound marketing? Click here.