All Fit 4 Market marketing consultants have worked with a variety of organisations both large and small across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.  Our international experience and local knowledge combine to give you solid and achievable growth strategies delivered simply and effectively.

Business to Business Marketing

B2B comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.  Everything from selling primary produce to international markets to business services to local and national players, Fit 4 Market has had experience in just about any market you care to name located in Adelaide.

Balco Australia - exporting hay to international markets

Core Medical Solutions - leading provider of Electronic Medical Record solutions throughout Australia

CPR Pharma - selling drug testing to international pharmaceutical companies

SMBiT Professionals  - IT services association with national presence

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Marketing

The whole focus for FMCG is to develop plans well into the future which includes the entire product development process.  Our team of marketing consultants have extensive experience in fast moving consumer goods.

Retail Marketing

Today’s retail environment is perhaps the most challenging we have ever witnessed.  Fit 4 Market has developed entire strategies which take a small retailer to the leading retailer in their field.  Current clients include Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group where Fit 4 Market is assisting with the delivery of marketing programmes for each of their hotels.

Government Marketing

From original ideas to complete strategies, Fit 4 Market has developed innovative and complete marketing strategies for government projects, including City of Sydney (Aquatic centre and recreational strategy) and City of Playford (Tourism strategy).

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